Woman wearing sunglasses outside smiling at the camera.

“Our New Normal”

By Selma Sulejman As I sit down and begin to […]

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Woman with a pageant sash and crown speaking into a microphone

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

By Katherine Magnoli For as long as I can remember, […]

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Headshot of woman leaning against the wall, smiling at the camera

The Birds Still Sing

By Jenny Sichel Every night for the past two months, […]

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Woman smiling at the camera with her elbow on a table holding her head up

What is a Luxury to Society During this Pandemic? From a Person with a Disability’s Perspective

By Larissa Martin By definition, luxury is a state of […]

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Woman smiling in her graduation attire

The Benefits of Working from Home

By Amani Carson Recently LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence  Index found that over half […]

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Zoom-Ing with a Speech Impairment

By Sarah Kim “It’d be easier to understand me if […]

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The Importance of Gratitude in Challenging Times

By Aaron Kaufman The news is extremely depressing these days. […]

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Living in a Social Media Persona Dominated World

By Jonathan Bertrand In the wake of COVID-19 we’ve come […]

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This is New

By Sarah Horowitz As a stereotypical over-functioner, I react to […]

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Leveling the Playing Field

By Rania Abi Rafeh On a regular day, before the […]

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