LINK20@MIT Leadership in the Digital Age program is a collaboration of the Ruderman Family Foundation’s LINK20 and MIT Sloan School of Management. This unique program equips influencers with theories and strategies in the areas of digital leadership, networking an entrepreneurship to become high impact social influencers. The first cohort of the program took place in May 2019. 27 influencers from 6 different countries were chosen to participate in the program in a six-month admissions process. Taught by MIT Sloan faculty, the program focused on leadership strategies, best practices, and social media best practices. It provided participants with tools to help them become high impact social influencers.


Hםw many days is the program?

The program usually lasts 4-5 days and has taken place in Boston, MA and over Zoom during the pandemic.

how many people?

We aim to have 25 influencers from around the world join us for the MIT program.