Keep The Change

While the pandemic has been extremely difficult for many, for some with disabilities it has made life more accessible. LINK20 Advocates want to highlight everything that has helped with this accessibility and make sure we #KeepTheChange to make the future more inclusive for all!

You can take part too! Email with the changes from the past year that make your life more accessible. You can also just post a quote using the hashtag #KeepTheChange.

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“As people with disabilities we know that the virtual, flexible options now available in our society as a result of the pandemic have increased accessibility. We get to choose how we do work in the way that accommodates our access needs best. Check back every Wednesday for Stories from people with disabilities who want to #KeepTheChange.”

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“Because everyone had to adapt to the new virtual environment, the playing field has been leveled that much more. People with disabilities don’t feel so different from everyone else. Society now understands, to a small degree, how people with disabilities live and work on a day-to-day basis. #KeepTheChange.” – Matthew Shapiro

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“I have a chronic illness which limits my ability to predict how I will be feeling on any given day. Being able to work from home, including attending virtual staff meetings and handling all of consumers’ needs by phone and email, allows me to stay home on days when I do not feel well, while still contributing to society. I want to #KeepTheChange to maximize my productivity.” – Hindley Williams

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